The Integration of a Sex and Gender Dimension in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Law Research

 for early career researchers 

Online Training Dates

2th July, 2021

11:00 – 14:30

Application Dates

21st May - 25th June


Mary Lou O'Neil

Sara Clavero


Cristina Càndito

Alessandro Meloni

Susanna Pozzolo

Maria - Adriana Deiana

Tindara Addabbo

GenderEX training programme aim is the integration of a sex and gender dimension in research for early career researchers. The Gender-EX training programme will encourage participation so that knowledge, experience, skills and attitudes are created for, by, and with the participants.   

The GenderEX training programme will support participants in recognising and acknowledging the interaction of gender with race, class, religion, sexuality, disability and age and to avoid homogenisation and binary understanding of gender categories.  This programme includes an online workshop on Engendering Research in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Law, targeted at ECRs in Turkey.  

Gender EX, Engendering Research in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Law Training programs will take one-day and the participate in this program will receive the “SSH and Law Traning” program certificate at the end of the program.

Learning Objectives

Understand the concept, origins and development of SGDRC.

Learn about EU and national policy frameworks in relation to SGDRC.

Raise awareness on how integration of a sex and gender dimension in the way research is designed, conducted and administered impacts on the quality and societal relevance of results.

Learn about the gender-sensitive research cycle.

Explore how the gender dimension can be included in research in SSH and Law through concrete examples of SGDRC in these disciplines

Understand why and how taking sex and gender into consideration has changed the way of doing research in the SSH and Law, influencing the choice of topics and subjects as well as the methodologies in use.

Session 1

11:00 – 12:30



What is the gender dimension in research? 

Introduction to the topic

How to include the gender dimension in research in SSH & Law?

Presentation  – The Gender-Sensitive Research Cycle, and SGDRC Techniques


Session 2

13:00 – 14:30


Moderated Q&A Session

Wrap-up and Conclusions

Summing Up Key Learning Points

Exit questionnaires