In Year 3 (2023) the GenderEX project will produce two sets of guidelines to assist both academic and non-academic communities to integrate sex and gender dimension into their work.

Guidelines for Engendering Research will specifically address scientific and academic communities, and offer detailed information about conducting research that is gender-responsive. The guidelines will present a roadmap for employing gender-responsive measures in research including:

  • Gender-inclusive data collection and analysis,
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods for gender research,
  • Use of gender-neutral language,
  • Research results that take into consideration sex/gender differences.


Guidelines for Engendering Policies and Projects will specifically address non-scientific communities, including NGOs, private sector organizations, and public bodies.

  • The guidelines will present information and a roadmap for employing gender-responsive tools and methodologies that will serve the areas of programming and policymaking.
  • Offers a starting point for non-academic actors to practice gender mainstreaming.
  • The guidelines will serve various stakeholders that might tend to overlook gender or other social variables, lead them to employ sex/gender analysis in their programming, and develop responses to gender-based inequalities.